Content Strategy on a Shoestring Budget Webinar

Balance Interactice offers a free webinar, Content Strategy on a Shoestring Budget, on May 19 at noon.

What It’s About

You’ve heard about content strategy. But what is it really? Why is it important? What can it do for your projects or your organization? And how can you do it with a small budget?

Join Carrie Hane Dennison, Balance Interactive’s Content & Usablity Director, to learn how to incorporate content strategy into projects without blowing the budget or timeline.

This is a reprise of a presentation that Dennison gave at the 2011 IA Summit which earned great reviews from participants.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to integrate content strategy into your process without throwing off the schedule or budget
  • How to develop a content strategy document and a content worksheet that maps out the entire site and tracks progress
  • Ideas on how to sell content strategy to your boss or clients
  • How to involve others early in a project to increase ownership and buy in across all functions

Because in the end, good content is what brings customers in and keeps them loyal.

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