User Experience Testing

User experience testing is one of the best things you can do when creating or updating a website. Testing eliminates the guess-work on what your users want, and validates the choices you make.

Unfortunately, this step is often skipped because of the extra time and cost it can introduce to a project.

Here is a quick, free option:

Quick Set Up

No technical skills are needed to set up a user test. No software or plugins are required for administration or for participating in a test.

Users are given a scenario, three tasks, and a url. Their actions are recorded.

Video Results with Gaze Tracks

Full videos of user tests.The system records webcam, audio, screen, and mouse activity during a user test.

Reaching Users

Tests can be administered at a current website. A prompt appears for a percentage of visitors and asks them to take a user test.

Hire TestersAs another option, through YouEye you can hire specific demographics to take your user tests. Results are provided in 72 hours.