Foursquare Update

Foursquare, a social service that lets you check in at the places you go, continues to grow. When I last blogged about Foursquare, I was wondering about the usefulness of the service. I still am.

According to the folks behind this service, in the past year tons of new features have been added. There now over 10,000,000 people on foursquare. Here is an exciting piece of trivia: I am member #1,241,966.

I have noticed some of the improvements, but not in a good way. Just about monthly, when I access foursquare with my BlackBerry, I am alerted that a new version of the app is available. When I download, it cases me to resent all my settings and often causes me to have to restart my phone. Annoying.

Now when I check in, I always get a message “25 specials nearby.” Unfortunately, when I select this on my phone I most often get a blank screen.

And, I continue to be frustrated in creating ownership of the listing I created for my company. I have followed the steps on the foursquare site and still have not been given ownership over the entry. As a result, more than a year into using this service, I cannot experiment with offering specials, etc.

A final peeve, most of the badges seem to be related to social extremes, like “wino” and “bender.” You don’t have the option to accept a badge and they automatically post to your Facebook account. Socially embarrassing.

I am still checking in places, and am still hoping that this service can play a role in reaching the right people for myself or one of my clients. If you are also giving this a try, I invite you to connect with me. I’m jakprpro.

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