Easy Cheap Payment and Donation Collection

Whether you are seeking donations, payments for even registrations or selling products online, setting up your site to collect payments can be a real hassle. So,I encourage to you check our WePay. WePay was founded in 2008.

Collect payments without the hassle

The website promise is that you can start to collect money online in under a minute. No merchant account, website, or programming is required.

  • Sell Items
    Create a simple store on WePay, or sell things from your own site. Great for  anybody that wants to sell items online.
  • Sell Tickets
    Sell tickets and accept registrations for your event. Create an event page on WePay, or sell tickets on your own website. Great for event and conference organizers, organizations, party-throwers, and concerts.
  • Accept Donations
    Create a donation page or collect donations on your existing site. Great for non-profits, causes, clubs and organizations, people in need.
  • Send Bills
    Request payment from who owe you money. WePay automatically reminds them to pay. Great for rent, dues, invoices, group travel expenses, teams, fantasy sports.


There are no setup fees, contracts or monthly fees, but there is a 3.5 percent transaction fee with a minimum fee of 5o cents. The company promises great customer service provided by real people.

Worth using?

I am looking for some folks who use or have tried this service. Sounds great. Is is too good to be true?