Sites with Social Share Buttons Shared More

BrightEdge conducted an analysis of more than four million tweets and found that websites that display Twitter share buttons get seven times the social media mentions than sites that do not. Attention marketers – this is a tremendous  marketing opportunity that can be implemented immediately at no cost.

“It’s clear that social sharing buttons can drive real social traffic that will inevitably drive sales, brand awareness or even affinity but it’s also clear that many brands are not taking advantage of this simple, cost free tool,” said Jim Yu, CEO of BrightEdge. “It’s surprising that with so much talk about social and clear consumer adoption, almost half of the web’s largest sites don’t take advantage at all of free social sharing tools.”

Twitter’s tweet button and Facebook follow button can drive valuable returns for marketers who implement them across their sites.

The analysis showed that pages that display Twitter share buttons or links were distributed to followers on average about seven times more often than pages that did not have similar sharing tools.

The full report is available at .

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