Learn Tips for Content Migration

Most web projects these days involve moving content from one site to another – typically referred to as content migration. This is a process that is never as simple as it seems it should be, and has bogged down many a web project.

So I am excited by this new free webinar, Take Control of Your Website Migration, offered by CM Professionals.

Nov. 10
12-1 p.m.

Website migration expert David Hobbs will discuss some of the essentials of website migrations. He will talk about the various ‘knobs’ you can tweak for a better migration while sitting at the controls. By thinking about these in advance, David will explain how you can improve the quality of your migrations with even less effort. You can also expect fewer surprises, and surprises can quickly derail your project. The knobs of diet, distance, and quality will be explained, both for launch and longer-term success.

Register at http://cmprofessionals.org/dsp_emailhandler.cfm?eid=19926&uid=6194

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