Model Social Media Policy for Associations

What is one of the most downloaded documents offered by PRSA? The organization’s social media policy.

Social media and collaborative Web 2.0 platforms provide organizations many ways to engage their stakeholders and establish a two-way dialogue. PRSA employees, leaders and volunteers are using social media, including blogs, social networks, podcasts, streaming, and online video and RSS feeds, to nurture professional relationships with key stakeholders, better serve our members, understand and engage our critics and cultivate a network of individuals who support PRSA’s mission and serve as brand ambassadors.

Not only a great reference and guide for people affiliated with PRSA, PRSA’s Social Media Policy is a great guide for others to model. The document outlines:

  • PRSA’s approach to social media communications.
  • The value that PRSA derives from social media engagement.
  • How PRSA’s use of social media supports the achievement of organizational mission and goals.
  • The role and responsibility of PRSA employees, leaders and volunteers who engage and interact through social media on the organization’s behalf.

The document is a great model for associations to follow. Get it by creating a free MyPRSA Account.