HootSuite Offers Apps to Connect Social Sites

HootSuite has added an App Directory platform in the social media dashboard featuring integrations with top social content providers: YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr and Get Satisfaction.  HootSuite Pro and Enterprise customers can use the apps to explan engagement with  social audiences.

TheHootSuite App Directory provides a platform for developers to integrate existing apps or build custom social applications into HootSuite. The first wave of apps includes:

YouTube: Ability to upload, view, search and share videos across social networks.

Flickr: View and upload photos to multiple Flickr accounts, plus comment, tag and share images with your social audiences.

Tumblr: Post to Tumblelogs – including photos and text – plus track the Tumblelogs you follow.

Get Satisfaction: Reply to topics created by customers, filter topics and post comments and replies to the conversation.

The advance release of the HootSuite App Directory is currently for HootSuite Pro and Enterprise customers. The apps will be available to all users in the near future.

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