Customer Service & Social Media

Join accomplished practitioners for a free webinar December 6 at noon EST / 9 a.m. PST to look at how to provide customer service using social media. Even if you are not ready, your customers are with most shoppers reporting that they expect to receive service via such media.

Certainly, reaching a CS rep is quicker today than ever, but what about the quality of that service? Have businesses begun to master delivery of convenient, instant and satisfying customer service? In this webinar, you’ll hear expert testimony on best practices and shining examples of what TO do. The discussion will cover issues including:

  • How best to measure the effectiveness and impact of customer service
  • How many channels does a business need to provide for complete coverage?
  • What’s most important – the technology or the people speaking through it?
  • What are some best-in-breed examples of DIY customer service like customer communities and online guides?

Register now.

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