Facebook Improves Stats for Business Pages

Facebook has improved the stats (called “ insights“) offered for business pages.

  1. Reach. Admins can now see the total reach a page has based off likes. In other words, “Friends of Fans.” This number is the number of people you can potentially reach if everyone you are connected to talks and/or shares your page on their account.

    Facebook also included a “People Talking About This” and “Weekly Total Reach” metric. The first is the number of unique people who have created content about your page on Facebook in the past week, meaning they have never shared your content previously. The “Weekly Total Reach” is the actual number of people who have seen that content, which is aggregated by adding all the people (“friends”) each shared post has reached. 

  2. Overview of Activity. An upgraded graph that shows how individual posts influence the number of people talking about you, as well as the impact it has on the overall reach. The size of the circle simply indicates how much you published that day (in the screenshot below, the small circle is 1 post and the bigger circle is 3 posts). The graph also provides a visual presentation of the aforementioned “People Talking About This” and “Weekly Total Reach.” 
  3. Understanding Posts. Admins can now look at the metrics for posts and know exactly how each played out. Admins can also filter the post type to specifically measure how photos, status updates, videos, etc., are stacking up.
  4. Analyze Your Audience. While Facebook previously included a breakdown of the demographics, these statistics were subjected to those who have ‘liked’ your page. Admins can now further analyze the structure of two additional populations: people reached and people talking about this.