Tips for a Great Email Newsletter

An email newsletter is still a great way to connect with prospects, members and other key audiences to develop and maintain a relationship.

Here are some tips to make your enewsletter great:

  • Focus on one audience. One edition per audience will create a better connection that making users scroll through irrelevant content.
  • Be selective with newsletter content. Don’t try to say everything in each issue. 
  • Move readers to your website. Email readers have short attention spans 3-5 seconds. Keep content to 250 words or less. Put key facts in an introduction and link to the main story at your website.
  • Make links specific. Too many newsletters drop readers onto the website’s home page. Send readers to the rest of the article or to a page specific to the article content.
  • Design for mobile reading. A simpler, more streamlined format will benefit readers on every platform.
  • Use data to improve. Look at click through and other data to learn about what appeals to your target audience. React and change to accommodate interests.