Pinterest Webinar 3/13

Pinterest, a new kid on the social media block, has received a lot of attention over the past few months as its membership numbers have soared. It appears to be filling a niche not covered by any major existing social platforms, and serves as a marketing tool for businesses selling easily photographed products and services.

Analysis of Pinterest’s traffic is fueling more active participation by companies whose products are being shared on Pinterest boards.

So what does the future hold? Is Pinterest bound to join the narrow ranks of megaplatforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Amazon? Or is it simply the flavor of the week? We’ll get the perspectives of social media experts in our upcoming webinar, discussing questions such as:

  • What has made Pinterest so attractive to new online participants?
  • Will Pinterest play nice with the established social platforms, or will those companies develop their own tools to render it irrelevant?
  • Can the Pinterest business model be profitable and user-friendly, or does it rely too much on sharing personal information without user permission?

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