Online Lead Generation: Best Practices

Most of us have a motivation to our online content – to attract attendance at an event, to gain members, to sell products or services. We use our online presence, whether a website, social media, email or other, to make the right connections.

In the early days of websites, lead generation often looked like a form that collected basic contact information or an email newsletter that asked recipients to contact a specific person for more information or a free offer.

Today there are many social sites that are all focused on helping people to connect with one another. Are these gold for building relationships and connections, or other methods more effective? Can we make the right connections with free tools or are the most effective approaches paid services like Facebook ads?

I am working on a seminar to look at best practices at using online properties to create connections. I would like you ideas on the best ways to do this. Do you have an example to share?

I would be happy to give you credit for your thoughts and ideas. Please comment here.

Thanks in advance.

One thought on “Online Lead Generation: Best Practices

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