Looking for a Great CMS


The company I work with is evaluating CMS programs for a client. We know the few we normally work with, but want to extend our reach for this project. Can you recommend a CMS that meets these minimum requirements?

  • Workflow – CMS must have a process for creating, approving and publishing content
  • Batch content processing (process, delete, publish) – Ability to select multiple content items and alter their state at once
  • Ability to easily edit taxonomies, tag content items with terms that relate it to other pieces of content
  • Check-in/check-out – Users will be able to lock a piece of content for editing to avoid conflicts, and release the lock when they are finished
  • Asset management (text, images, audio, video) allows an enter-once, use in many places feature. Define content types, and allow pages to reference them by type.
  • User comments – post comments on approved content types (first placed in moderation queue)
  • Easy to use for non-technical users – user interface should be intuitive

One thought on “Looking for a Great CMS

  1. CMS:
    Joomla: The most popular, taxonomy in 2.5 versión is better that 1.5.x. Your learning curve is fast(few days for learning).

    Drupal: It’s a framework, with drupal you can build an stable and robuste CMS. your leraning curve is slow (a little complex for learning), but recommended

    Wordpres: Blog but transformed in CMS. easy to manage. Learing Curve is fast