Webinar on Paid V Earned Media

“The Death of Paid, Earned and Owned Media” is a free, live webinar presented by Social Media Today on August 7 at noon.

Are the distinctions between “paid, earned and owned” content – used for years by CMOs to distinguish between types of business-driven content – becoming meaningless? Some online marketers say that the recent proliferation of new communications channels and forms of consumption on the web has blurred the accepted boundaries between content based on origins and delivery methods, so much that these labels may no longer have much practical use. In fact, on the social web, one piece of content often travels through all of these categories as it is published, shared and re-shared across internal and external networks. If that’s the case, what new labels should marketers use to talk about content, and what qualifications should each category use? Is content now defined more by how people interact with it than where it originates? Join us as we explore this upheaval in the structure of business content, and how it should impact our ideas about marketing, sales, customer relations and community.

The webinar will cover:

  • How do businesses adjust to these new realizations about content?
  • Does marketing strategy need to be completely rethought?
  • Are there best practices for engaging the public to circulated one’s content?
  • What now fits under the umbrella term “content” that didn’t fit before?

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