Trying to ‘Get’ Instagram

I just don’t understand the buzz around Instagram.

I have seen it used by some of my connections for awhile now and the excitement about the service has grown with Facebook trying to purchase it. So, I signed up for an account and played with the service. I am definitely missing something, because I found nothing to get excited about.

Images are a compelling way to share a message. But social sites already allow you to use images.

The desktop Instagram site doesn’t allow you to do much at all. Example:¬† I log in and under Your Account I see “Manage Applications.” Clicking on that tells me I have not authorized any applications and does not let me do so. I can apparently only make those connections using the app I downloaded to my iPhone.

I thought the site was about sharing photos to other social sites, but it is its own community. People can follow me here and comment on my photos. Another social site to track is not a plus in my book.

So I need help from you Instragram evangelists out there. What am I missing?

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