Dealing with Customer Complaints

The greatest fear I hear related to social media and online activity in general is getting and dealing with negative comments. If this is among your top concerns, then here is a free webinar for you: “Are Customer Complaints Hurting Your Business?,” August 14 at noon.

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Consumers have more ways than ever to complain about a service or product. The bad news for companies seeking to protect and promote their brand is that the gripes are taking place in the full public eye via social media.

Chances are unlikely that someone’s Tweet about receiving a broken widget will go viral like the “United Breaks Guitars” video that musician Dave Carroll wrote and performed after United Airlines baggage handlers broke his prized Taylor guitar. However, anytime people are talking about your company, you want the conversation to be a positive one.

Joining Carroll in this free-wheeling discussion of social media and customer service is Micah Solomon, who recently was termed the “New Guru of Customer Excellence” by the Financial Post. Solomon is the bestselling author of two books on customer service and a top professional keynote speaker.