Five Elements of a Great Landing Page

The landing page is one of the fundamentals of any website that wants to capture information about users and/or drive visitors to a specific action. It is a page with a specific focus and call to action.


  • A Google Ad for a service links visitors directly to a page optimized for that service and for the Google audience. All traffic to that URL/page would be known to come from the Google ad.
  • A page that asks visitors to register for an event. That page/UR would collect contact information that can be used for other targeted marketing.

Creating an effective landing page requires that the page has these five key elements:

  1. A headline that defines exactly what the page is – short and uses keywords
  2. Content that is just enough to communicate the intent of the page and is focused on the purpose or action defined for the page
  3. Share links: AddThis or ShareThis tools that allow visitors to share the page
  4. No navigation: you do not want the visitor to get distracted so the page should not offer navigation.
  5. A form: this should capture the information you need from the visitor  – no more and no less. Labels should be simple and clear. On submit, the user should go to a thank you page that DOES offer navigation to other areas of your website.