Monitoring Tool: Mention

I am often asked what the best tools are for monitoring a name or bands across the web. I just came across a tool that may be helpful to many: mention.

Mention allows you to be informed in real-time about any mentions on the web and social web for a brand, industry, company, name, competitors or other keywords. This is done by creating specific alerts that designate the keyword(s) to include and exclude.

Mention is an application that must be downloaded and installed on the local computer. Once installed, you are able to set up any number of alerts.

The Mention site says that it monitors “millions of sources” including social networks, news sites, forums, blog and websites. In my testing I found the results to be accurate and mostly from Twitter.

You can connect mention to your Facebook and/or Twitter account, and tools allow you to reply directly on those platforms from Mention.

The tool is free at the basic level (1,000 mentions a month) and has a tiered cost plan based on usage.