Prepare Your Content Now for that Potential Crisis

“How Can Content Curation Support Crisis Communications?” is a free webinar offered by Social Media Today on Sept. 4 at noon. Register Now

Talented content curators maintaining high standards in the  online content available to the public about your company can mitigate PR damage, speed appropriate response and calm crisis situations – so how can you build an effective curation practice in your communications  outfit?

Organizations in the social media age are able to enhance brands through communication, whether it takes place on a website or through email, chat or presence in social environments such as Facebook and Twitter. But a crisis can emerge from many sources – actions, customer service, or words used in public forums. By managing the information that is associated with your company and its actions, the amount of fuel available to the fire of any crisis situation can be minimized.

Important questions  will include:

  •                       What kinds of content must be subject to curation?
  •                       How is that content called on and used in crisis                       communication?
  •                       What is the mandate of a company’s online content                       curator?
  •                       To whom does the curator report in the company?