Create Your Own Ebooks and Infographics

Ebooks and infographics are hot — creating these types of content is a great way to get attention for your thought leadership and your brand. Hubspot, the folks who probably do the best with these as marketing tools as anyone, offers free templates to get you started:

Free Template: Creating Stellar Ebooks

Ebooks are a powerful source of lead generation, but creating them used to be a hassle. HubSpot has made a simple template for you to create your own ebooks, quickly and easily. HubSpot provides you the tools you need to create your own ebooks, and the optimal layouts for best results.The best part? It’s free. Download now:

Free Template: How to Easily Create Infographics in Powerpoint

Ever wanted to make an infographic, but not sure where to start? HubSpot has created easy templates you can use in Powerpoint to get you started. These templates will help you easily create appealing visual content that 40% of people respond better to than text!
Download now: