Ethics in Public Relations

Ok, no sniggering allowed. Public relations IS a profession that takes ethics seriously. “Spin,” while popularly associated with PR, is really the work of practitioners who are not the best of the best.

September is ethics month for PRSA. There have been articles, even a pull out poster in the Tactics publication. Yesterday there was a thought-provoking webinar that presented three real-world case studies and generated a lively discussion among the presenters and participants.

All of this has led me to explore the PRSA website and find that there are great resources offered. There is, of course, the PRSA Code of Ethics.

Two items seem particular useful to me:

  • A short guide to the process for ethical decision making [PDF]
  • Introduction of the Matrix of Ethical Dilemmas [PDF]

I encourage you to bookmark this site and refer to it as needed. As the webinar presenters pointed out, the best way to avoid an ethical issue is to approach every project with ethical decision making.