Spelling Matters!

In the online world, where many communications come in messages of 140 characters or less, is spelling still relevant? An informal poll of my network says, “yes!”

First, a few demographics of my network/survey group:

  • Most are communication professionals
  • Most are on the north side of 40

I posed this question on twitter and LinkedIn: does spelling matter anymore? The typical response was like this, from Jacqui Olkin of Olkin Communications:

Spelling matters, because it helps establish the writer’s ethos. Poor spelling can make a poor impression & undermine credibility.

Most people are alright with words that have “common” short versions. But no one was open to misspellings or new shortenings. From Carol Ann Cunningham, owner at Cunningham Association Consulting:

“Spelling definitely matters for words that don’t have accepted “shortened” versions for social media. It leaves an impression about someone’s professionalism and written communication skills & whether you would ever want to work with them on a project that involved writing.”

So, keep your dictionary or dictionary.com close at hand. Make sure that what you write uses the right words and the right spelling. It still matters!

Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net