What the Media Want

Several representatives of Baltimore media presented at yesterday’s PRSA Mid-Atlantic Chesapeake Conference. Here are my takeaways on what they need from PR pros. Extrapolate to our media audience as you see fit.

  • Quality Information. The news cycle is 24-7 and there is always a need for fresh content. But, the media can’t act without details. Provide complete information that would allow coverage with or without the additional effort of a reporter.
  • Multimedia. Newspapers have websites; everyone is on social media. So, visuals are important to all media. Provide quality photos and videos with good sound.
  • Great Sources. Connect media with new sources that can offer good information for stories. Being able to highlight someone new is always a win for media.

Above all else, media folks need PR pros to understand that like most of us they are now doing more with less. A great way to maximize the effectiveness of the time spent pitching to the media is to know who you are pitching and what they need. Understand the media outlet, the content they cover, and the manner in which they cover it.