Here’s the Workshop for You, Introverts

Great public relations practitioners are not all extroverts. But, they do need to be able to engage well in group settings.  So, I am happy to share with you a learning opportunity designed just for the introverts out there.

Denise Graveline of Don’t Get Caught — Creative Communications Consulting offers “Public speaking and presenting for introverts” on Nov. 27 right here in DC.

It’s a myth that introverts can’t be great public speakers or presenters. You knew that. But in traditional workshops, it can be tough for introverts to get a word in edgewise, let alone hear about your specific concerns and issues. If all the exercises involve pulling a volunteer up in front of the group, you may not want to participate. And if all you know is that you’re introverted, but not how to deal with that as a presenter or speaker, you may not know what to ask for.

This one-day workshop is specifically designed so that you:

  • Don’t have to do all the talking, sharing and demonstrating–unless you want to;
  • Do learn about the special advantages introverts have as speakers and presenters;
  • Don’t waste time learning tactics that only work for extroverts;
  • Do learn how to prepare for your next speech or presentation, without over-preparing;
  • Don’t say yes to presentation logistics that work against you as an introvert; and
  • Do hear the data, research findings and tactics that work best for introverts, from how to interrupt effectively to how to plan a presentation that won’t sap your energy.

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