Pinterest Guidelines for Business

Ready to use Pinterest for your business? Here are some guidelines to get you started.

  1. Use different boards to break down content in a way that makes sense. This is a way to broaden your reach by reaching out to multiple segments of your audience.
  2. Use great images. Pinterest is all about images. Don’t pin things that are blurry or too small.
  3. Participate in the community. Set aside time each week and look for content to re-pin. Add links that have nothing to do with promoting yourself or your business.  Report spam, offensive images, and broken links.
  4. Make sure that your Pinterest links take the viewer directly to the right content.
  5. Add a Pinterest button on your website.
  6. Follow others. Be sure to find out who is re-pinning your content and make a special point of following them.
  7. Use other social media to promote Pinterest.