Get the Media to Open Your Email

Media panelists at the recent PRSA Mid-Atlantic Conference confirmed that email is the preferred way to receive story pitches.

So, how to you get your email to stand out among the hundreds of press releases, media alerts, and other emails that will reach the same inbox? They key is a great subject line to persuade the reader to continue reading.

Here are some tips for maximizing the effectiveness of the e-mail subject line:

  1. Don’t overpromise. You might get one read, but the rest of your pitches will suffer the consequences.
  2. Be concise. Convey as much essential information in as few words as possible. The journalist should know just enough from reading the subject line to determine if the story might be of interest.
  3. Highlight the benefits. Indicate the value to the recipient,such as  an inside scoop, a follow-up to a recent story, or a trend.
  4. Think headline. Use the headlines and blurbs that grab your attention as models. They are often short and capture the story in one statement while inspiring the reader to seek more information.

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