Tablets Incease News Readership

A recent comScore study echoes findings from Pew–a majority of tablet owners read newspapers and/or magazines on their device, many almost daily.

The tablet format is conducive to reading longer form content.

  • 37.1% of tablet owners read a newspaper on their device at least once during the month
  • 11.5% of tablet owners read newspapers almost daily
  • 39.6% of tablet owners reading magazines on their device

People between the ages of 25-34 represented the highest share of readers, accounting for 27.4% of newspaper consumers, and 28.2% of magazine/periodical consumers. People age 35-44 accounted for 1 in 5 readers in both categories. More than half of readers had a household income of $75k or greater, while those in the highest income segment of $100k or greater skewed most heavily toward readership.

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