The Interviewee-Friendly Interview

Are your interviews interviewee-friendly? It’s not all about you getting the information you need, it is also about giving the interviewee enough information to determine if the job is the right fit.

To help the interviewee get the information he or she needs, I recommend you include the following four things:

  1. Open the interview with a background of the company. Offer enough information to give the succeeding discussion a good context.
  2. Show off your office space. Show off the space that the successful candidate will work in; let him or her meet a few people.
  3. Talk about office hour expectations. Forty hours on-site is no longer the norm. Be clear about your expectations for time in the office and time worked from home. Talk about typical start and stop times.
  4. Hit the high points of your company culture. Does everyone eat together once a week? Is there a walking or fitness club? Tell the candidate about the items you think best characterize your office environment.

These elements will help the candidate to determine if the job is the right fit — your goal too.