DC Area Workshop: Refine Your Media Pitching Skills


PRSA-NCC offers a workshop Learn How to be “Pitch Perfect”  on Weds., Jan. 16, from 8-10 a.m. in Washington, DC.

We all have them – the client that expects top-tier media coverage for their untimely or un-newsworthy “news,” or the boss who wants their op-ed published in USA TODAY for such-and-such celebration month. You can’t tell them no, so how do you turn that sour note into a pitch perfect placement?

“Pitch Perfect” will be a media roundtable dialogue with top tier journalists from print and broadcast outlets. They’ll share their pet peeves about pitches and offer their insider tips on how to make sure your next pitch strikes a high note. Participants will have a chance to test real pitches you are working on, either live on the spot or submitted in advance, and receive constructive feedback straight from the journalists. The event promises no harsh criticism, just positive, helpful feedback and an open conversation.

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