How to Make Your Story News

call-to-actionEveryone has a 24-7 news cycle these days, and every type of media now needs every type of content to cover print, websites, video channels and more. Yet, it is still a challenge to pitch news to reporters. There are fewer of them and more tools that make them accessible to more people who have a story to tell.

To make your story compelling, consider these factors that make information news. These are the angles that catch a reporter’s attention, get retweeted on Twitter and capture Facebook likes.

News Angles

Your information becomes more compelling when it covers one of these angles. Being at the extreme of one of these areas is all the better.

  • Conflict
  • Betrayal
  • Power
  • Heroics
  • Money
  • Calamity
  • Cultural icons
  • Major change
  • Significant “beginnings” and “endings”
  • Trends and fads