Top Social Media WordPress Plugins

wordpressYour blogging effort is falling short if you are not using the power of social media to help spread the word about your content. The essential plugins are social sharing and Twitter integration.

For WordPress bloggers here are great plug-ins to use:

  1. JetPack Publicize
    The JetPack plugin  immediately posts on your social profiles as soon as you publish so that you never miss posting them, and then follow up later in the day with personalized and optimized posts throughout social media. There’s an argument, shared by many including guru Guy Kawasaki in posts like The Art of the Repeat Tweet, that repeated sharing of posts in social media will increase social media engagement of your blog content.
  2. Really Simple Facebook Twitter Share Buttons
    Really Simple Facebook Twitter Share Buttons lives up to its name.
  3. Tweet Old Post
    Tweet Old Post automatically and randomly tweets out blog posts at certain time intervals. It has options to add hashtags and leading text.