It’s All About Photos

According to a new study by HubSpot, photos on Facebook Pages received 53% more Likes than the average post, while photo posts attracted 104% more comments than the average post.

The study evaluated 8,800 Facebook posts from B2B and B2C companies comparing Likes-per-photo to overall average Likes-per-post.

Facebook users are uploading approximately 300 million photos to Facebook per day, up 20% from earlier in 2012. Usage of Instagram, purchased by Facebook in April of 2012, increased 1,179% in six months.

The data indicates an opportunity for businesses to use photos and images as a means to increase Likes and comments. Boosts in Likes helps increase EdgeRank, which can then cause a page’s content to appear in News Feeds more often, increasing visibility, according to the report.

Most Engaging Facebook Posts
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Source: HubSpot, November 2012

Photo posts get more attention from Facebook users. The study looked at HubSpot’s Facebook posts from October 2012 and found that photo posts received 84% more link clicks than text and link posts. Marketers who are using interesting images to their advantage can increase traffic to their websites with an included link, says the report.