How Can Social Media Help You Work Better?

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“How Can Social Media Help You Work Better?” is a free webinar offered tomorrow, January 22 at noon.

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The continued growth and penetration of social media as a communications tool is changing the game board for all businesses, challenging executives to understand where and how organizational change must take place in order to take advantage of the new marketing and communications landscape. But the same social technologies that are disrupting business structures can also offer opportunities to facilitate and smooth the process of organizational change itself, as well as, some argue, improve productivity and make for happier employees.

Join Joseph Jaffe, Romi Mahajan, Vivek Bhaskaran and Paul Dunay as they examine the processes that businesses are going through as they bring social practice inside as an essential element of organizational change.

Panelists will deal with questions such as:

  • Where in the company does change need to begin?
  • Where does policy come into the change process?
  • Does social media call for a Center of Excellence to focus on optimizing effectiveness?
  • Does the CEO need to buy into social tools for change to take hold?

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