Interesting! Using Social Media to Get a New Car

I saw this yesterday on TV and wanted to share this interesting new use of social media and crowdfunding. Chrysler has created what it calls an online gift registry, essentially a social-media program by which people can enlist friends and relatives to raise money to buy a Dodge Dart.

The Dodge Dart Registry starts with consumers configuring and customizing a Dart, then setting a goal for the amount of money they want to raise to fund it.

Once registered, the giftee has the option of connecting to Facebook and Twitter to get the word out about their Dart and thank people who donated. RocketHub handles the crowdfunding process. Funds raised on the registry, minus processing fees, can be used to purchase the car.

The Dodge Dart registry launched Jan. 20 with a 30-second commercial during the Fox network broadcast of the NFL National Football Conference Championship Game.