Think Pictures

Social media is increasingly about great images, so it’s a good idea to use tools that help you to make the best presentation of your images.


Flayvr automatically organizes photos and videos from your phone, presenting them as interactive vivid collections. Photos can be organized, tagged and shared. The tool also makes sharing your images on social media like Facebook simple.


Chirp is a way to share links using sound. It is designed for quick and easy sharing between people in the same place. Unlike Bluetooth, Chirp doesn’t require you to pair devices. Unlike email, you don’t need to type in anyone’s address. Unlike instant messaging clients, you don’t have to add recipients from a buddy list. And so on. To share stuff, you don’t need to be friends on Facebook, or to follow each other on Twitter, or be connected on LinkedIn.

Think of a chirp as a tiny piece of music. Each chirp lasts about two seconds. The system listens out for a couple of dozen notes played rapidly in a certain order, within a certain range, at a certain speed. The audio engine tries to decode the sequence of notes into a sequence of letters which the Chirp server understands. The server then returns a link to the user so they can go wherever the short code points: to a webpage, say. This decode all happens in real time on your phone.