Neatly – Twitter Client Worth Considering

neatlyNeatly is a Twitter client designed to help users combat information-overload on Twitter, letting them customize timelines based on social preferences and interests.

Neatly has a nice interface that is easy to use. You can use Neatly as a standard Twitter client – it has mentions, direct messages, lists and all the usual features on Twitter. Or, you can customize your timeline, filtering similar updates into separate, single timelines, and sift out topics that don’t interest you.

Neatly collates similar tweets as a topic, and within each topic is a list of users who have posted a relevant tweet under that topic. You can even assign a visual indicator for specific users so their tweets stand out on your timeline.

A Smart Timeline sorts items by what’s important to you. You can also click on a specific profile, which highlights things such as common interests, purely based on the content of your respective tweets. You can add multiple profiles.

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