Using Twitter Effectively

Here are some tips on using Twitter effectively:

Follow carefully

The quality of what you learn from Twitter is directly related to the quality of the Twitter accounts you follow. Only follow users that you want to learn from or monitor.

Block accounts that are not relevant.The temptation is to ignore the irrelevant accounts that follow you, but you will be judged by the accounts that follow you. Allowing even a few irrelevant accounts means others considering following you may change their minds.

Find users to follow through other users. Look at the users followed by people you respect and see who they are retweeting and talking to.

Organize who you follow

Create lists around topics or categories of users. Tools such as Tweetdeck and Hootsuite can help you track areas of interest.

Retweet (RT) people you hope to build relationships with

Focus on a few people who share good information and retweet them. Add comments.


Share good content that others will pass along. Use relevant hashtags.