Google+ For Business

googleplusGoogle+ Pages are designed specifically for businesses on Google+, as opposed to Google+ Profiles designed for individuals. If your business does not yet have a page, follow these steps:

Create a personal account
You must have a Google+ personal account in order to create a Google+ Page. If multiple people will be managing the Google+ Page, create a dedicated Google+ account with your name that you can share with your team.


Follow the steps and choose the most appropriate option to classify your business. Fill in your basic information including your page name/company name, your business’ website URL, category/industry, and the classification of the page’s content.

Promote your page

Begin to share a few updates before you tell everyone about your page.  Google+ is a social network, so it is advisable to regularly respond to people and share fresh content in order to generate leads and increase engagement. Add pictures, videos, status updates and link to your website and other social profiles.