Maximize the Impact of Your Press Releases with Timing of Distribution

clockOne of the staples of the public relations industry is the press release. Content is key, but equally important is distribution.

Try releasing your press releases on less common days and times.

Using four weeks of publication data from MarketWire, Shift Communications  found that wire services get swamped with press releases on Mondays and Tuesdays; Fridays are the least busy day during the work week, and almost nothing comes over the wire on the weekends.

From 8 to 9 AM ET times are when MarketWire is deluged with new press releases. The volume decreases later in the day.

One thought on “Maximize the Impact of Your Press Releases with Timing of Distribution

  1. Although I understand where this blog post is coming from, I think I have to disagree with its assertion that the best time to send out press releases is on Fridays, the weekend or the late afternoon. Perhaps this could work with a story that had a shelf life of several weeks, but for anything with relative significance, sending a press release out late in the day or at the end of the week runs the risk of missing the reporter. I believe this blog post is trying to make sure press releases don’t get lost in the shuffle, but shouldn’t the release be newsworthy enough for an editor to pick it up and recognize the potential quality of the story? If PR practitioners did their jobs correctly, then sending the release out at 8:30 am on Monday versus sending out a release at 2:30 pm on Friday should make no difference.