Visuals: Use Them

Infographics, Images, and the Value of Impressions: Why are Visual Features Vital to Social Marketing? is a live webinar from Social Media Today on
March 26 at noon.

Visual content – photos, infographics, graphs, videos or illustrations – is often proven to catch more attention and travel further on the social web than text alone. Can marketers build effective messages into these shareable pictures and graphics?

social media today logoArticles require images in order to get the clicks and attention of readers online. Images are a major driver of web behavior, both because they grab attention, and because they don’t demand it for more than a few moments.

An expert panel explores the best practices for leveraging visual components on the social web. We’ll ask:

  • What is the evidence that images are more effective attention-grabbers?
  • Where are the most effective images produced and by whom?
  • What kinds of images work best for marketing?
  • Do professionally-produced images work better than smartphone shots of current events?