Social Media Reaches Women

internetAccording to a new study by Weber Shandwick, with KRC Research, the percentage of female Internet users who use social networking sites exceeds that of men, 75% to 63%. Women are also more active in their use of social sites.

The study of Digital Women Influencers further identifies segments of women who are influential in social media. The overwhelming majority of North American women are on social media. Their social connectivity is far-reaching and their potential exposure to brand messages is high.

  • 86% have a social media account/profile with 2.2 accounts on average
  • 81% Facebook is by far the most prevalent social media account
  • Women spend an average of 12 hours per week using social media (nearly 2 hours/day)
  • 19% say some of their best friends they know only through Facebook or Twitter

Social media helps women manage their time and relationships. One-quarter of women prefer to socialize online rather than in-person.

  • 62% like that social media gives them control over who they talk to and when
  • 24% would rather socialize through social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, than in person

Women value their social networks and social media is where they like to be. Social platforms make them available to have engaging relationships with brands. Social media is more than a channel for distributing coupons and promoting sales, and should used by marketers it to build relationships, says the report.

Women spend time doing the following:

  • 33.7% watch TV on the set; listen to the radio online
  • 7.0% watch TV online
  • 6.8% listen to the radio on a radio or in a car
  • 4.0% read the newspaper online or on an e-reader such as the Nook or Kindle
  • 3.2% read the newspaper in print

For the Digital Women Influencer study (PDF)

One thought on “Social Media Reaches Women

  1. Women have a very strong urge to socialize and now that social media is so popular they can do it all the time. I know many women who are constantly on Facebook, Twitter and of course Pinterest. It’s not a big shocker to me that women are on social media way more than men. I feel social media is a very great way to stay in touch with friends and family far away, but giving someone a phone call once in a while seems more personal. I have many social accounts, but I don’t get wrapped up into them like so many other people do. I love to talk, and yes, I am a very sociable person, but talking to people is more engaging than always typing out a message. Women can have their social media, but let’s keep it minimal. You could get so wrapped up in social media that real life could pass you by and that would be a shame.