NOVA Event for Seasoned PR Pros:

prsa-logoPRSA-NCC is sponsoring an event for PR pros with 20 years or more experience. Get Recognized as a Thought Leader features speaker, author, and marketing pro Geoff Livingston who will share how he successfully built his reputation with specific actions.

Your colleagues at the office recognize you as an expert, and your knowledge and credibility are beyond compare. They know you stay on the cutting edge and bring brilliant ideas, have impact on a daily basis, and acknowledge that you are a person who others gladly follow.

Now you need to let the rest of the PR world know about your capabilities. You need to get recognized as an influential person or thought leader who is known for innovative ideas, insightful expertise, and is a source of guidance in the industry. Getting known beyond your immediate circle helps advance both your personal brand and that of your company or organization. And you will become personally fulfilled by being recognized as an influential person who addresses and helps to solve the PR industry’s most pressing challenges.

Make yourself stand out from the pack and get recognized as a leader so you can reach that level where clients, employers, and colleagues come to you. Established thought leaders know that being recognized takes a concentrated campaign to build their personal brand and position themselves as someone who is influential in the industry.

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