Tips for Effective Website Forms

internetMany websites use forms to collect information from visitors, but these forms have a low completion rate. Web users are extremely hesitant to put information on a form and hit submit because they don’t know where the information will go or how it will be used.

Contact forms van be created build and earn trust quickly.

  • Give it a Professional Look
    Make sure your form looks like a part of your website. Give it the same look and feel as the rest of the web pages and elements.
  • Don’t Ask for Unnecessary Information
    One surefire way of driving users away quickly is to ask them to submit excessive or sensitive information. Decide the minimum amount of information and ask for no more.
  • Tell Users Clearly What Will Happen with Their Information
    Explain why users should fill out the form.Make users fully aware of what you are going to provide them by gathering their information. If users have no idea what happens next or why you want their information, they’ll never trust you. Inform users that their information will never be sold or shared with any third party.

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