Free Webinar: Employees as Brand Advocates

freeEmpowering Employees: Could Your Staff Be Your Best Brand Advocates?” is a free Social Media Today webinar offered on June 11 at noon.

Are you overlooking brand advocates right in front of your eyes? Now that most brands have adopted basic social marketing strategies, marketers are looking to leverage brand advocates to tell their brand’s story in social channels. But how do you empower your employees to become the kind of advocates who will see your brand as an extension of themselves? How do you leverage their preexisting social media presences without compromising their integrity? And how do you incentivize them to perform above and beyond their traditional roles?

Attend to learn how to leverage your employee base to become your company’s best ambassadors. You will learn:

  • Why employees are natural brand advocates
  • The value of turning your employees into advocates
  • How to develop a winning employee advocacy program
  • Why every department has potential brand advocates waiting to be turned on

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