Find Your Influencers

call-to-actionAs a business person, you know that there are people who are great customers or contacts and then there are people who seem to not only be great contacts but also attract other people. These “influencers,” – people who get others to take action – are the people you want to know about you.

So, how do you find these influencers?

Start with your current knowledge base

Who do you know that has referred others to you, either online or offline? How well are you connected? If they know how to walk in your storefront, do they also know your web address? Do they know how to connect with you by phone, email, and social media? They should. Make it easy for people who are already helping you to grow your business or reach whatever goals you have to connect themselves and others with you.

Google It

Yesterday I posted about defining your keywords. Now google them.

The search results will provide URLs that link to relevant online content. Some of these URLs will hopefully be blogs and other content providing sites that are publishing information that you can contribute to.

Visit the sites and determine the people behind them. Contact the blogger or new  publisher. Also look at the commenters to find people who seem knowledgeable about your industry.

Reach out by whatever means of contact you can find and introduce yourself and your organization. Be genuine and not spammy – don’t make this a sales pitch; just introduce yourself and direct the person to your online resources where he or she can learn more.

Tweet It

Head to Twitter and do the same keyword searches there. Go to and again look for the organizations and people who are writing about the keywords that are important to you.

Click on the profile picture in relevant tweets. Check out the bio of that person who tweeted the relevant information, as well as scroll through their tweets to see if this is a subject they discuss often. Don’t forget to click the URL in the bio, it might be a link to a blog or website.

You can repeat these steps on every social network. Reach out to the people who are being influential on each site and introduce yourself.