Nielsen: A look across screens

smartphoneAccording to a recent Nielsen Cross-Platform Report, a Look Across Screens, the adoption of smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices and the consumption of content on these devices continues to grow rapidly.

These devices contribute to the increase in the amount of traditional TV and digital content consumed.

Consumers now have the freedom to move from place to place and bring content and information with them. They can walk out the door in the morning and stay connected with their smartphones, use a tablet while riding a commuter train, find the comfort of a big set at the end of a day, or hide in a quiet spot to watch TV and TV-like content on our tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

As the popularity of mobile devices rise, computer use is down, says the report. The number of people watching video on the internet was 155.169 million, down from 162.523 million, while the number of people watching video on a mobile phone jumped to 45.319 million from 35.957 million. Time spent watching video on the internet jumped to 8:20 per month, and time spent watching video on a mobile phone rose to 4:29 from 5:01.

  • Adults 18-24 watch 27 minutes of video on mobile phones per week
  • Teens 12-17 watched video for 25 minutes on their phones
  • Video viewing on phones dropped to almost half that among adults 25-49, and fell even more sharply among older viewers
  • Adults 18 to 24 watched 23 hours and 24 minutes of traditional TV
  • The group watching the most time-shifted TV was adults 35-49, who spent 3:42 per week on delayed programming. Those viewers also watched 34:18 in traditional TV

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