Smarter Way to Search on LinkedIn? Perhaps Not.

linkedinLast week I got an email from LinkedIn with the subject “Introducing a Smarter Way to Search on LinkedIn. The body didn’t say much, just “LinkedIn Search just got smarter” with a clickable button to “take the tour.”

I clicked the button and took the tour, if you can call it that. It was a series of pop up text bubbles. (See below.)

I use LinkedIn all the time and couldn’t see what was improved. I decided to give it a few days and see if in the course of my regular use I could see a change. I didn’t.

Sorry LinkedIn, but your search capabilities still generally suck.

Here’s what you get when you take the tour:

  1. Check out the more powerful LinkedIn search. Find people, jobs, companies, and groups with a single click, right from this search box. (My thought: yeah, that’s not new.)
  2. Find what you need. We’ll show you matches for your search in the most relevant order, personalized for you. (My thought: ditto above.)
  3. Explore related content. We’ll also show related categories you might find interesting. (My thought: This may be new, but not really valuable to me. When I am looking for people or companies, I rarely want to see related content.)
  4. Refine your results. You can click on a category to search instantly within your results, too. Ready to see the really powerful stuff? (My thought: This could be exciting, if it works. My findings: it doesn’t. My recommendation to LinkedIn: Get rid of all the check boxes and allow a free text search of profile content. That would be much more helpful.)
  5. Dig deeper. For added power, try an Advanced Search. See these categories? You can expand them to make your search even more specific. (My thought: Maybe this will help me find people easier. My findings: Not really.)
  6. Give it a try! Enter your search and see what it can do for you. (Did that–several times over the last several days–and it didn’t do much for me.)

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