Social Media’s Impact on Crisis Communication

prsa-logoRecent surveys show that many organizations still do not have a crisis communication plan and those that do have them in dusty binders on a shelf somewhere.That means that for most of us  PRSA-NCC is offering a timely workshop: Social Media’s Impact on Crisis Communications.

  • Sept. 17
  • 8-10 a.m.
  • Us Navy Memorial, Washington, DC

This interactive workshop will expose you to real crises and how social media was a key factor in the stories going viral and garnering major headlines. Two crisis communications experts will present selected case histories, and examine – with audience participation and role playing – how the responses were handled, and what lessons were – or should have been – learned. There will be many very useful takeaways.

Panelists include:

Andrew Gilman, President and CEO of CommCore Consulting Group.

Roger Conner, Principal of Conner Communications and former Vice President of Communications for Marriott International.