Press Release Refresh

writingpencilOne of the tools that I learned about in college that hasn’t changed much is the tried-and-true press release. The major developments is that now PR folks can publish their own releases on blogs and services like PRLog. But, more releases mean more competition for attention.

Here are some ways to freshen the news releases your organization publishes, and get more engagement:

  • Pay attention to the words (duh). Content must be interesting and useful to your audience members if they’re going to share and amplify your message.
  • Use links to provide more information for journalists and target audiences.
  • Encourage on-the-spot social sharing. Include ShareThis or another social sharing tool on the website where you publish your release. Make sure there is a shareable nugget so it is easy to share a message that will attract more people to your release.
  • On a related note, write a tweetable headline of 100 characters or fewer.
  • Use lists to highlight key points and draw readers’ eyes deeper into the copy.
  • Use images to extend the reach of your messages into channels like Pinterest that require a visual element.
  • Talk about value propositions, case studies, and benefits that your audience really wants to know about. Quote people other than top executives.